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Dear Brenda,
it's been already 13 years that I brought this web site online, and I intend to keep it online for another 13 years!
I'm trying to contact you, to say hello and to discuss the project of refreshing this site with even more pictures and a new better design. Our goal would be to create one of the best model's archive online, and make other models jealous ;). Please, drop me an email when you have a minute: [email protected] . Vous pouvez me parler en fran├žais si vous le voulez, je suis en France.

Cordially, Benjamin

Brenda Schad

Welcome to, the Internet most complete Brenda Schad resources and galleries, online since 1997. You will discover the unique beauty of the Native American model.

If you know how I can contact Brenda Schad, her agent, or someone involved in the modelling industry , please contact me ... I'm trying to get the Brenda Schad 's model "book" and I would like also to make sure that Brenda Schad will visit this web site.

-If you have FULL download access to WWW.WIREIMAGE.COM or CORBIS.COM please contact me .

-New Brenda Schad pictures and information I don't have are ALWAYS welcome. The main reason of this site is to collect new pictures. If you have documents I don't have please send them to me .





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